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Azienda è specializzata nella produzione di dispositivi AntiRumore per pastiglie freno di tutti i produttori di pastiglie freno in tutto il mondo.
Dispositivi AntiRumore, shin, pastiglie freni
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In terms of our quality policy, at Meccaniche Moretto our guiding principle is to achieve maximum satisfaction – not only in relation to contractual requirements, but also our clients’ (and all other interested parties’) explicit and implicit needs.



Our organisation believes it is important to enhance the reliability of our products through the adoption of a quality management system in compliance with international standards ISO 9001: 2008. Our main focus will therefore be on continuous improvement as we aim to reach our goal of “ZERO DEFECTS”.



In order to offer a product that meets our clients’ needs, we aim to accomplish a number of essential quality objectives, summarised as follow:

• satisfaction of mandatory, contractual and voluntary requirements

• improvement of external and internal communication

• constant reduction in terms of non-conformity and complaints

• quality issue sensitisation of all interested parties

• optimal management and control of suppliers – both semi-finished and service

• offering increasingly advanced customer support and assistance

• enhanced management of the production process through targeted maintenance of machines; careful management of work and systematic process monitoring alongside final product checks.

• continuous training for personnel on quality and safety issues as well as training to expand on the skills and knowledge of our employees.



Periodic internal inspections will be conducted in order to monitor progress in terms of the implementation of our organisational model. At the end of each inspection, a management review will be conducted in which the management team will verify and certify the results that have been achieved in order to highlight future developments and new quality objectives.



Marco Moretto
(Legal Team – Meccaniche Marco Moretto S.r.l.)




Lean Manufacturing or streamlined production is our process enhancement strategy that offers tangible benefits within our organisation while at the same time allowing us to keep our competitive edge and meet our clients’ needs.


We focus on creating added value while eliminating anything superfluous or redundant in the production process.


Lean Manufacturing is implemented according to the following:


– Visual management


– 5S – Five steps towards to the effective organisation of a working environment, improvement of organisational culture and improvement of process stability


– Jidoka – built-in quality


– Kaizen – step by step towards continuous improvement


– 8D, 5Why – product solution methods


– Poka-Yoke – error prevention system – standardisation of work


TPM – optimal process maintenance


SMED – reducing machine recovery times.


Lean Manufacturing enhances our product quality and shortens delivery times on orders – allowing us to respond quickly to our clients’ needs. As a result of this approach we may optimise our resources, maximise our production capacity and lower the rate of machine failure – all of which makes our company both flexible and competitive.


We have accepted this challenge because the process of improvement never ends.