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Azienda è specializzata nella produzione di dispositivi AntiRumore per pastiglie freno di tutti i produttori di pastiglie freno in tutto il mondo.
Dispositivi AntiRumore, shin, pastiglie freni
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Product Line


Anti-noise shims are one of the key elements in brake structure aimed at preventing vibration and brake squeal. In addition to preventing noise and reducing vibration, anti-noise systems also offer extensive thermal insulation, thereby providing an additional barrier against the excessive heating of brake callipers and brake fluid.

Anti-noise shims are produced with materials that consist of various combinations of layers of rubber, both carbon and stainless steel, and acrylic, phenolic and silicon adhesives.


How many types of anti-noise shim are available?

Meccaniche Moretto produces various types of anti-noise shim, including:


– Stake – ON Shim:
connected to the brake pad using support plate pins


– Clip- ON Shim:
connected to the brake pad using the (folding) tabs/clips located on the edges of the support plate


– Classic Shim:
connected to the brake pad using the pre-stamped bonding points on the support plate and bonded with adhesive (acrylic, phenolic and silicon)


What materials are available?


We collaborate with the most important European manufacturers of anti-noise automotive materials, including Trelleborg Rubore and Klinger AG – with a catalogue of all the materials produced for the AM market.


We are always happy to supply a catalogue on request.