Meccaniche Moretto | Company Profile
Azienda è specializzata nella produzione di dispositivi AntiRumore per pastiglie freno di tutti i produttori di pastiglie freno in tutto il mondo.
Dispositivi AntiRumore, shin, pastiglie freni
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Company Profile


Meccaniche Moretto was founded in 1999 by the Moretto family and is dedicated to the construction and maintenance of technical moulds for diverse sectors – including the automotive sector. This has seen Meccaniche Moretto collaborate with national companies operating in the production of brake pads for cars as well as both commercial and industrial vehicles.


This collaboration with our clients along with new market demands has led to evermore research into product performance and improvement, and since 2004 the production of anti-noise brake pad devices (known all over the world as anti-noise shims) has been our core business.


Today we specialise in the development, testing and production of anti-noise devices (anti-noise shims) for manufacturers of disc brake pads for the automotive sector in the worldwide OE, OES and AM markets.


As part of our commitment, we constantly aim at improvement — not only in providing a product that meets our clients’ expectations, but also in providing consultancy services on the best options available in terms of material(s) selection.


Moretto Industry


Respect, Responsibility and Integrity are the three principles on which our Corporate Charter is based, and with which we define every area within our corporate mission, thereby providing assistance to our employees in the everyday situations when they may be required to express belonging to our organisation in terms of their professional role.


Treating others with courtesy and kindness


Teamwork and mutual collaboration


A culture of diversity and inclusion.


Valuing different ideas, opinions and experience


Mastery of our words and our actions.


Striving for quality


Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace


Concern for the environment and our working groups


Working ethically and honestly


Communicating with clarity and conviction


Keeping promises


Being consistent in what we say and do

At Morretto, we do ordinary things in an extraordinary way and our values are our
guiding light – we always strive to do the right thing.


We put our clients at the heart of everything we do, and by helping them achieve
new levels of success, we also reach our own.


Through new ideas and ways of thinking, our team seeks to make the world a
better place.


Our work is crucial for creating new liveable environments, facilitating
communication and ensuring both protection and safety.


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Marco Moretto

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Francesco Moretto